You wind up the dusty old music box, then open the lid..
Nine thousand melodies in one



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aphex twin-nanou2

the way you read things
the way you see things
hurts my heart

i fear
somehow they'll find the need to spit out my name
like a watermelon seed
i think what am i doing?
this business of bleeding
a dime for showing
my heart
oh twin moon
you are my twin moon
take me up-sky so i can kiss you
drink your starlight
i want to show you
i want to show you
my heart


warmer-the noises she makes in their bed

and you know that it's all in your head
the noises she makes in their bed
she wants to go away from all her pain
but she'll leave me alone soaked in rain

and you know that it's all in your head
the noises she makes in their bed
she was a free girl always in her heart
but she left me heartless to rot

and you know that it's all in your head
the noises she makes in their bed
you want to be free of these memories
you've got to go, you've got to flee


pastel ghost-dark beach

laying on a dark beach
pulsing waves cover me
flowers bloom on the sea
silver sand underneath

talk to me as i am sleeping, hold me while im dreaming
honestly i could just breathe you in
met you when my heart was bleeding
im constantly feeling
drifting through an endless reverie

twilight moon, interlude
fell in love in my youth
on a cloud, not a sound
silent kiss, just like this


akira yamaoka-never forgive me, never forget me (silent hill)



sometimes i doubt the path i chose
sometimes my dreams feel all on hold
there's no doubt that this will make me strong
because it's the hardest thing i've ever done

despite this cruel world and all my best efforts
you surprise me with just how perfect you are
even with all my flaws and my bad examples
you surprise me with just how perfect you are

and when i'm lost
you search for me
and when i doubt
you're my belief
i'm supposed to be the stronger one..
you always seem to prove that theory wrong

still, i hold my breath each time you go..
out in the world that's beyond my control
if you are dreaming..
i never want to wake you up

when i'm all in a spin
full of cynicism
you remind me of just how perfect you are
when i'm at my wits end and i'm losing my head
you remind me of just how lucky i am


deftones-digital bath

you move.. like i want to
to see.. like your eyes do
we are downstairs.. where no one can see
new life break away

i feel like more

you make the water warm
you taste foreign
and i know you can see
the cord break away
cause tonight..

i feel like more
tonight i feel like more

you breathed.. then you stopped
i breathed.. and dried you off


young heretics-i know i'm a wolf

dear rabbit
my legs are getting weak chasing you
the snow fields wouldn't seem so big if you knew
this blood on my teeth is far beyond dry
and i've captured you once but i wasn't quite right
so i'm telling you.. that you'll be safe with me

oh rabbit, my claws are dull now so don't be afraid
i could keep you warm
as long as you can just try to be brave
yes i know i'm a wolf, and i've been known to bite
but the rest of my pack.. i have left them behind
and my teeth may be sharp and i've been raised to kill
but the thought of fresh meat, it is making me ill
so i'm telling you.. that you'll be safe with me


arai tasuku-dear alice

i'm losing my faith in you, my long-lost friend alice
roses have lost their colors.. and it's breaking my heart
you take my breath away.. and i don't know what to do
and i don't know what to do

before you say your last word
that makes me want to lay you down
i'll kiss, i'll touch, i'll.. cut you into pieces
and you feel the same
and you'll know my crave
and you'll see that i'm the only one for you
but you don't understand, and you don't feel the same
and i'll throw you down into where you've come from

you're falling through the cracks of time
only to remain the same
you've fallen down the path you made
you're trapped in twilight


ludo-horror of our love

i'm a killer, cold and wrathful
silent sleeper.. i've been inside your bedroom
i've murdered half the town, left you lovenotes on their headstones
i'll fill the graveyards until i have you
moonlight walking, i smell your softness
carnivorous and lusting to track you down among the pines
i want you stuffed into my mouth.. hold you down and tear you open, live inside you
love i'd never hurt you
but i'll grind against your bones until our marrows mix
i will eat you slowly..

oh.. the horror of our love
never so much blood pulled through my veins..
oh.. the horror of our love..
..never so much blood

i wake in terror.. blackbirds screaming
dark cathedrals, spilling midnight on their altars
i'm your servant, my immortal
pale and perfect, such unholy heaving
the statues close their eyes, the room is changing
break my skin and drain me
ancient language
speak through fingers
the awful edges where you end and i begin
inside your mouth, i cannot see
there's catastrophe in everything i'm touching... i sweat and crush you..
and i hold your beating chambers until they beat no more
you die like angels sing

you're a ghost love, nightgown flowing
your body blue and walking along the continential shelf
you are a dream among the sharks
beautiful and terrifying, lit and reckless
we dance in dark suspension
and you bury me in the ocean floor beneath you
where they'll never hear us scream


placebo-every me and every you

sucker love is heaven sent
you pucker up, our passion's spent
my heart's a tart, your body's rent
my body's broken, yours is bent

carve your name into my arm
instead of stressed, i lie here charmed
'cause there's nothing else to do
every me and every you

sucker love, a box i choose
no other box i choose to use
another love i would abuse
no circumstances could excuse

in the shape of things to come
too much poison come undone
'cause there's nothing else to do
every me and every you


my chemical romance-cemetery drive

this night, walk the dead
in a solitary style and watch the cemetery gates
in a dress your husband hates
way down.. mark the grave
while the searchlights find us drinking by the mausoleum door
and they found you on the bathroom floor

i miss you
i miss you, so far
and the collision of your kiss
that made it so hard

back home, off the run
singing songs that make you slit your wrists
it isn't that much fun
staring down a loaded gun

so i won't stop dying, won't stop lying
if you want, i'll keep on crying
did you get what you deserve?
is this what you always want me for?

way down.. way down.. way down.. way down..
way down.. way down.. way down.. way down..


aphex twin-avril 14


yuko ando-shogeki

秒前の瞬き 取り残された世界
呑まれて踏まれた仲間の声 終わりにできない理由が
螺旋の中を逃げ果せば 彼は昇り私は降る
漂う海 これはあなたが始めた物語だから


alesana-hymn for the shameless

saw your eyes today in a memory painted in the sky
you smiled and said to me
a love like this can never truly die

calm consumes me
i shut my eyes and once again the pleasure strangles me
i taste the tears of sweet indulgence, pain and fantasy
oh, the visions inside my head
the emptiness will haunt you
sanity is slowly slipping from my hands now
i'm standing closer to the edge than I should be allowed
oh, what little regret I have
does that make me a killer?

i am the chosen one
i am the end of all
and now you are mine

let's just say you're right
and the nightmare ends, we wake up side by side
what makes you think that I would let you live?
i've really lost my mind


flyleaf-all around me

my hands are searching for you
my arms are outstretched towards you
i feel you on my fingertips
my tongue dances behind my lips for you

there's fire rising through my being
burning, i'm not used to seeing you

i'm alive.. i'm alive..
i can feel you all around me
thickening the air i'm breathing
holding on to what i'm feeling
savouring this heart that's healing

my hands float up above me
and you whisper, You love me
and i begin to fade.. into our secret place
the music makes me sway
the angels singing say, "we are alone with you"
i am alone and they are too with you

i'm alive.. i'm alive
i can feel you all around me
thickening the air i'm breathing
holding on to what i'm feeling
savouring this heart that's healing

and so i cry..
the light is white..
..and i see you


chouchou-sign 0





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